Urban Routes

Our Coverage within Cities

We have managed to have all our coaches including mini-buses, coasters and kombi vihicles in all cities nationwide. We have designated pickup locations and dropoff places where there are no traffic and other hinderances to the smooth process of our business. Our main goal is to make sure that our fleet increases dramatically so that we can reduce the daily queues being generated and to ensure that everyone can have a seat in any of the available coaches

Urban Routes

Tap n'Go

Introducing a conductor-free tap machine!!.The current generation of technology has made it easy for our clients by the use of the tap n' go system. You just take a step in the bus and tap the machine with your tapcard, automatically you would have paid for your seat, isn't this great!!!!

We aim to have every client, every human race in our nation to have this card always with him/her everytime they step out of their house. This helps incase of emergency and you won't have to carry your money around with you. With the tapcard system, you are rest assured to get home safe and sound.


Urban Routes


We have multiple coaches, minibuses and kombis heading to every location in Harare, so you don't have to get transport headaches.


With Bulawayo, we are happy that our perfomance in Harare is tarrying with the former, this has made it easy for our expansion.


With the support from all our clients we managed to have some of our fleet in the CBD of Mutare to all areas around the city.

And More..

We recently expanded all our depots around the country and beyond, making sure that every area is self-sufficient as far as transport in concerned.