109 Belvedere Rd, Harare

2200 A.Khami Rd, Bulawayo

Our Coverage within Cities

We have managed to have all our coaches including mini-buses, coasters and kombi vihicles in all cities nationwide. We have designated pickup locations and dropoff places where there are no traffic and other hinderances to the smooth process of our business. Our main goal is to make sure that our fleet increases dramatically so that we can reduce the daily queues being generated and to ensure that everyone can have a seat in any of the available coaches


Coaches and Buses

We service universities and hospitals within cities using our buses and also to fury our customers to and from city centres



By deploying a variety of our fleet, we are able to suppliment our carrying daily routine helping in giving better service


Kombi (Omnibus)

Through franchise contracts, we have managed to incorporate kombis as part of our fleet and they have given us a positive impact in furying passengers swiftly

OUR Service

Imbedded TapCard Device

A robust way of self-service is now available in some of our coaches. You can now smoothly travel through a modernised way of tap n' go system.

Did you know that now all you have to do is to board any ZUPCO bus, tap your card onto the machine and look for a free seat whilst the bus has taken off. This is the edge of technology for our company and we aim to make sure everything you need to have a smooth and safe travel is available just for you. Always make sure your tapcard is always juiced up and has enough traveling funds.