109 Belvedere Rd, Harare

2200 A.Khami Rd, Bulawayo

40+ Years of Rural Service

Increase in Fleet

It is our greatest desire to support those traveling from the Rural Areas so that they can save a lot of money by just using our buses to travel including also the ones traveling to the former to meet their loved ones during the holidays, we have amazing buses just for you that are safe and reliable to use.

Our fleet has gradually increased and we have managed to deploy buses to and from majority of the rural areas in Zimbabwe so there's no need to worry any more.



Our buses have side boots and back boot together with internal light bag carrier.


There's no where in Zimbabwe were you can find affordable rural public transport other than here at ZUPCO.


It's our mandate to stay true to our specificied departure and arrival time with our drivers' assistance.


We try by all means to deploy buses to all rural routes every single day to convinience our clients.


Trackers are imbedded in our buses in case of unexpected events, we are ready to act promptly.

Payment Methods

We also accept various payment methods for our rural travels including ecocash, OneMoney etc.