Intercity Routes

Our Coverage beyond urban Routes

With the latest technologies, we have incorporated online booking system via the web. This is a platform were you get to prebook a seat for a forthcoming journey. With ZUPCO buses deployed nationwide to transport our clients from one city to another, now there's no worry for reliability since all the information you need concerning a particular travel is available on our online booking system.

Intercity Routes

Intercity Bus Features

Bored to travel long distances? With our advanced golden dragon buses, worry no more because we bring to you entertainment in many different ways.

We have also managed to have online booking for your trip where you just book straight from home, as soon as you get into the coach we offer you with mineral water to refresh yourself and whilst you are taking that sip, you will be automatically connected to an inbuilt unlimited wifi access from depature to arrival. Did you know that you can now adjust your seat whilst watching the latest show on our internal T.V System. Please don't stress about security because we have incorporated camera's and GPS trackers in all our buses so that we track theft suspicousness and know where you are any minute, any hour and any day.There's also more to share of our Intercity Traveling service.

Intercity Travels

Places we take you


We now have buses that you can book online or even visit your main city bus terminus and travel to Kariba at an affordable fare.

Victoria Falls

Ever been to Victoria Falls, well grab this opportunity and be transport stress free because with ZUPCO, we are only one call away to solving your traveling issues


Now introducing the Online Intercity Booking service Kumakomoyo and even other amazing cities within our boundaries. Enjoy a safe and reliable tour with ZUPCO.

Travel with us and be assured of a smooth trip.