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There's a very good reason why we opt for ZUPCO couches as the safest and more comfortable buses across the nation. We have been transporting Zimbabwean nation around the country for more than 40 years and we have never seized from constantly striving to make our passengers' journeys more comfortable, safe and reliable.

As ZUPCO we also strived to provide our clients with the desires of their hearts with the current technological trend. Our coaches now provide quite a number of astonishing features such as interior tv set, charging ports, wifi, adjustible couches and many more.


Victoria Falls

Ever been to Victoria Falls, well grab this opportunity and be transport stress free because with ZUPCO, we are only one call away to solving your traveling issues


Now introducing the Online Intercity Booking service Kumakomoyo and even other amazing cities within our boundaries. Enjoy a safe and reliable tour with ZUPCO.


We now have buses that you can book online or even visit your main city bus terminus and travel to Kariba at an affordable fare.

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Staff Assistance-Friendly

Acknowledging the self-effacing character of our coworkers encompassing bridging a generation gap, we have the privilege of contributing to our customers a mandate of a friendly catering in a more peaceful, equitable manner.

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