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Cross Border

Exceptional Service & Care


Cost-Efficient Operations

ZUPCO has one of the most cost-efficient operations in the public transport industry giving it a competitive advantage. However, the key cornerstones to its cost-efficient operations are the increasing passenger capacity by offering daily travels


Unmissable destinations

Discover unique experiences in the places everyone wants to visit. We transport our customers to various cities in different regional countries including Francis Town in Botswana, Musina in South Africa, Lusaka in Zambia and many more.


Quality Care from Our Drivers

ZUPCO Bus Services has experienced drivers and friendly bus crew. Every effort is made to ensure passenger safety and to date our crews have been embarking on retests and professional service delivering mentorship. We aim to satisfy our clients.

ZUPCO Crossborder Service

We are here to serve you.

Satisfied Local Customers

We value all our clients and we are grateful for all the testimonies they revert to us with.

Southern African Clientel Overview

From our crossborder service, we are thrilled by how clients beyond our borders react to this iniative and the compliments we get from them.