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ZUPCO Transport Service

In a set of circumstances, we have risen to the Occasion

Through more than forty years of service in some parts of the Southern Region of Africa, ZUPCO has established a good reputation in the transport sector through the support of it's stakeholders and customer loyalty playing a major role in it's expansion in providing a safe and reliable transport service.

Due to the radical change in technology, we have managed to also adopt to the changing ways of delivering service in the most efficient and astounding 21st century way to all our clients interms of safety, smartness and security.


E. Madangwa

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


T. Chirawu

Divisional Operations Manager (Northern)


T. Rwasoka

Divisional Operations Manager (Southern)

Our Statement

Mission & Vision Statement

We use a multi-modality approach to reach and satisfy our clients. As ZUPCO, we hope to make our customers happy with our service.

Our Mission

To contribute to the economic growth and development of Zimbabwe through the provision of an efficient, safe, reliable and competitive passenger service.

Vision Statement

To be the leading first choice passenger and allied transport services Company contributing to the economic growth and development of Zimbabwe.

OUR Service

Imbedded TapCard Device

A robust way of self-service is now available in some of our coaches. You can now smoothly travel through a modernised way of tap n' go system.

Did you know that now all you have to do is to board any ZUPCO bus, tap your card onto the machine and look for a free seat whilst the bus has taken off. This is the edge of technology for our company and we aim to make sure everything you need to have a smooth and safe travel is available just for you. Always make sure your tapcard is always juiced up and has enough traveling funds.


Private Hire

Visit Private Hire page or contact N. Kuzanga (Hre) at 0733 358 096 and M. Mpofu (Byo) at 0777 158 617 to enquire


Book now at www.zupcointercity.com or contact our booking representative T. Tapiwa at 0773 294 779 for more


Any enquiries with our tapcard service, don't hesitate to contact our official Mr F.Arbinal at 0775 579 323

Intercity / Rural

Feeling any need to take travel, you can now enquire fast through our intercity representative Mr C. Mutizira at 0773 058 535

WhatsApp Chat

With our WhatsApp Chatbot, you can get your questions answered in no time. Just send "Hi ZUPCO" to 0712 906 493 or 0712 039 763

Customer Care

Do you have any enquiries, complaints or compliments for us. Don't hesitate to give us a call at 0712 039 763. We are here for you!